An Overview of the Undergraduate Degree Programs at CRESTA

CRESTA offers nine undergraduate degree programs that are industry-focused. Combining academic knowledge, practical exposure and personality development,
we design a comprehensive curriculum for each. Based on the syllabus prescribed by the University of Mysore, the CRESTA curriculum is designed by the management and faculty teams in collaboration with our accomplished industry board of advisors. This ensures that your undergraduate education equips you to fulfill the demands created by the latest developments in the industry, giving you a competitive edge. The undergraduate experience at CRESTA places the student at the center of the learning experience. It consists of a wide array of curricular,
co-curricular and extracurricular activities woven together to produce a well-educated individual. Curated with a multi-pronged approach, it enables you to explore each lesson in depth and keeps you motivated to learn more.

Undergraduate Degree Courses

To help you understand the difference between all the courses, you can watch the video below where our admissions counsellor, Mr Richard, hosts a panel discussion between professors from the three departments at CRESTA. Attend our weekly Panel Discussion to help clarify your questions and get guidance.


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CRESTA'S Methodology

CRESTA innovates unique methodologies of teaching that stimulate curiosity, experimentation and collaboration. We use blended and interaction-based learning methods to equip students with knowledge that is actionable and impactful. Using a constructivist pedagogy, we actively involve you in the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities.


In the flipped classroom method, you are not given tedious homework projects to complete. Instead, you study an assigned topic at home and put your understanding to test while solving fascinating problems in the classroom.


We provide you with comprehensive workbooks that contain summaries, prompts, exercises, question papers and quizzes to help you learn and revise core concepts of the syllabus.


Teaching is the best way to learn. At Cresta, students prepare and present the knowledge they gain in classes to teachers to consolidate their learnings and develop presentation skills at the same time.


Through traditional lectures, groups of students are addressed simultaneously to deliver an understanding of the fundamental ideas and terminologies of a lesson.


Activities involving the research of specific topics kindle academic interest, inspire you to contemplate questions and problems in search of solutions and encourage you to develop a habit of self-learning.


A fixed number of required writing assignments help increase learning retention and prepare you for examinations.

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  • As per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the University of Mysore has implemented the National Education Policy (2020). CRESTA has welcomed the much-needed infusion of change in the education system. In line with our core belief of practical, holistic and impactful education, CRESTA has adopted the NEP through the University of Mysore. The two most significant changes that will hereby be found in our programs and curriculum are:
  • All regular courses offered at CRESTA are now four-year honours courses.
  • All the courses offered at CRESTA also consist of a wide variety of open
    electives that the students can choose from.


  • Education at CRESTA is facilitated and optimized by the following rules. Each student is expected to adhere to the rules failing which they may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Students are required to stay in the college premises between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Students wishing to leave the campus need to obtain permission from the principal’s office.
  • In order to be eligible for the examination, students must have a minimum attendance of 85%.
  • Unless specified otherwise, students must be dressed in the college uniform on all days.



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