Since strength and vigor are crucial for a healthy life, sports and fitness are integrated to the Cresta Curriculum. Physical education is a part of the syllabus in some of our courses and the college boasts of teams for a variety of sports including cricket, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and others. Also consisting of yoga and physical fitness training, our student community programs ensure both day scholar and residential Crestites are kept fit and healthy. With gender-inclusive teams, sports and fitness at Cresta build discipline, self-esteem, team spirit, leadership and respect for authority. With regular practice sessions, intercollegiate matches and coaching for state, national and international sports tournaments, we ensure your athletic aspirations are fulfilled.

How will your sporting talent be nurtured at Cresta?

Type of Sports

Which are some of the sports you will be playing at Cresta?

Sports In Curriculum

The Cresta Curriculum includes sports in such a way that you learn the concepts of goal and people management, and the values of perseverance and determination. Championships and tournaments are scheduled to give you respite from classes and to put your fitness gains to test. Our sports coaches motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve consistency in not only sports but all other areas of life. 

Sports Tournaments

Shalini S


SPORT: Kickboxing

Bronze Medal in All India University Kickboxing Championship 2021-22

Shalini S


SPORT: Muay Thai (Martial Arts)

1st Place in the First State Level Muay Thai Championship for Kick Boxing 2022 organised by Bengaluru District Muay Thai Association (Recognised by International Olympic Committee)

Nayana D


SPORT: Chess

Represented the University of Mysore in South Zone Inter University Chess tournament 2021-22 held from 01/04/2022 to 03/04/2022 at SRM University, Chennai

Sports Tournaments

With vigorous preparation, full stadiums, and celebration Cresta hosts a series of tournaments and fests for athletes to challenge and showcase their sporting talent.  This includes:

Cresta Cricket League

Cresta Football League

Judo & Karate Tournament

Chess Tournament

War of the Crestites

Muqabla - The Sports Fest

Sports Scholarship

We believe sports form an integral part of student life for many students. Crestites are always encouraged to engage in sports at a professional level. We believe in recognizing and rewarding students for the tremendous time, effort and discipline required for sports achievements. Hence we foster sporting talent and abilities with our curriculum, facilities and scholarships. Prospective students who have excelled in tournaments and championships from recognized state and national level platforms are eligible for scholarships of 50-100% for all the programs available at Cresta.