Special Trainings

Cresta facilitates a student’s journey toward becoming an able and competent individual with frequent special training sessions. Diverse and interdisciplinary, these workshops and seminars impart highly specific skills excluded by traditional curricula. Held on the campus or in the premises of professional organizations, they enhance your employability and leadership abilities. While some such as corporate grooming add finishing touches to your persona, others give you a glimpse into alternative career paths such as modeling and aviation. Gaining exposure in addition to certifications, you improve the skills and competencies requisite to function effectively in the modern world.

Following are some of the special training programs, Crestites in the past have participated and gained from:

EDIN HR Synergy
During this ten-day training programme, Crestites interacted with the HR managers of various companies about the role, impact, and importance of informed practices in human resource management.
Glammania Model Training
Participants of this workshop were taught how to perform a ramp walk, create a modeling portfolio and groom oneself the right way. Through assignments with different organizations, students executed their learnings from the program.
Entrepreneurship Development By the Wadhwani Foundation
Students learnt about the establishment and administration of entrepreneurship-cells and startup clubs, the various entrepreneurial activities organized at the foundation throughout the year, the process of beginning your own startup and more.
Prasad Bidappa Institute
This intensive three-day program taught Crestites the best practices of corporate grooming and etiquette and culminated in a grand showcase event at the Prasad Bidappa Institute, Bangalore.
Jakkur Aerodrome
After a special, rigorous two-day workshop on basic aviation at the Jakkur Aerodome in Bangalore, Crestites successfully piloted aircrafts on their own.
Un atelier de francais avec jerome monnier - French
Conducted by a French expert, this workshop taught students the subtleties and beauty of the French language.
National Level Webinar
Conducted by author Dr. Deepa Phadke, this webinar was an enlightening study of the contribution of the Dasa compositions to Kannada literature.
Howdy 2020
Undergraduate students were inducted into the Cresta family with the theme of “One world and many identities”, a celebration of diversity in cuisine, attire and beliefs.

Student Experience

Through our special training programs, students have experiences that are vastly different from any learning session they have attended in their student life. A mix of enlightened instruction and dynamic activities, the special training sessions teach the gist of complex professional tasks in only a few days. They also teach them about less-known unconventional careers that are nonetheless highly skilled and valued. In addition to gaining a niche hobby, some of our students have taken it a step further by enrolling for specialized courses in the area of the special training session. Crestites learn more than one skill in these workshops. They are inspired to explore avenues not covered by their line of academics and imbibe the spirit of their training in all areas of their future lives.

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