Introduction to Research Center

As a premier institute for business education, Cresta also provides end-to-end research facilities for a PhD in management. The educational experience of a doctoral program involves developing ideas, insights, concepts and theories of your own. The challenge of pursuing your own line of inquiry is greater than the challenge of understanding an established body of knowledge faced during undergraduate and masters degree programs.  Our aim is to motivate, support and empower doctoral students with a superior educational background and aptitude for research. Adhering to the structure prescribed by the University of Mysore, we enable you to meet the rigorous requirements of the program in a minimum of three years. 

Research Faculty


Dr. Geetha CJ

Dr. Geetha CJ is a senior faculty member at Cresta who specializes in marketing, economics and management theory. Qualified with an M. Com, M. Phil, PhD in the branding of banking services along with twenty years of teaching experience, she motivates students to upgrade their knowledge and stay relevant in a constantly changing world. Her areas of interest include consumer behavior and artificial intelligence in commerce.


Dr.Rakesh H M

Dr. Rakesh H M is the principal of the Cresta College and a commerce expert with a PhD in investor behavior and loss aversion. He has an MBA in accounting and finance and a Masters of Commerce in taxation. Possessing vast expertise in business education, and as a principal and teacher, he has guided thousands of students to excel in various branches of the commerce domain. He emphasizes the importance of discipline and consistency for the success of every endeavor his students undertake.

Research Facilities

We provide end-to-end facilities for research that enhance your intuitive and analytical process. This includes well-furnished Individual cabins that support complex reasoning and decision making. The campus also has seminar halls that can be used for deliberations with other scholars, group decision-making, group-based experiments and scenario development. Guiding you in the determination of your statistical requirements and collection of primary information, we enable access to data that is instrumental to your research through subscriptions to research publications and databases such as the Global Data Lab.

Areas of Research

Cresta incubates research in numerous domains related to management including but not limited to consumer behavior, sales, advertising, pricing, marketing analytics and distribution. We also encourage research specializing in areas of finance such as  financial intermediation, financial markets, behavioral finance and empirical investments.