Cresta offers quality placements to every student who meets a set criteria of marks and attendance in classes. Placements are guaranteed for the Crestites studying in the final year of all the courses. Through companies arriving to the campus or relevant job listings in our network, we ensure each student is connected to employment opportunities.

We provide access to jobs across various sectors including finance, marketing, operations, research, sales, business development, software development, web development and design, systems engineering, data science, programming, business analysis and others. Crestites have previously secured a variety of well-paid positions in companies of great repute. With startups, multinational companies and corporates recruiting our students, Cresta is one of the few colleges that provide placements for undergraduate students.


To ensure our students secure gainful proposals of employment, we provide rigorous placement training. Enhancing your skills, aptitude and general awareness, this training supplements the practice and preparation you receive from our industry-focused initiatives throughout your stay at Cresta. Our faculty members and counselling staff streamline your profile-building process and optimize your resume. You also receive comprehensive training in professional communication and etiquette. You learn how to crack interviews with mock sessions and extensive advice from corporate trainers. At Cresta, training is personalized and position-specific. Both the management and the faculty members invest in providing you industry-specific knowledge and overall training and support.

My Internship At Uber

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