Life at Campus

Campus life at Cresta is designed to welcome students to experiment with their academic ideas and thrive. Open and well-lit spaces throughout the campus enable you to freely interact with the management, faculty members and fellow students. Lively and dynamic, your journey at Cresta empowers you to become a smart and enterprising individual. From the academic calendar to the infrastructure, each aspect of campus life at Cresta echoes our philosophy of experiential and holistic learning. In an ecosystem that is geared toward learning by doing, students present their ideas using technology and learn to actively pursue them in a vibrant campus with accessible facilities.

The Cresta campus life consists of
the following features

We believe that students have potential that may not be traditionally cultivated in the education system. Understanding the significance of art and culture in shaping the society, we provide a platform for you to exhibit and cultivate your artistic talent. This talent is important also because it enhances your confidence and effectiveness in a professional environment, enabling you to show resourcefulness in both academic and non-academic settings. To recognize and cultivate this potential to excel in your chosen art, we provide ample opportunities for you to showcase your talent and sanction cultural scholarships.

Below is the list of talent development and cultural programs that Crestites so far have participated, organized, enjoyed and learnt from.

Hostel and Transportation

The Cresta Hostel is a state-of-the-art facility that provides a home for Cresities from across the state and country. The 180-bed building comprises double occupancy rooms. The hostel has separate quarters for boys and girls with wardens available to help them at all times. All residential Crestites are served with four meals that are wholesome, nutritious meals and prepared with the highest standards of hygiene everyday. Each room has individual workstations for its occupants, along with an attached balcony and plenty of room for ventilation. After college hours, students can be found socializing in the colorful common room or picking up their favorite book in the library. Safety being of paramount importance at Cresta, each corridor, hall and entrance is monitored by a 24×7 security and surveillance team.
Along with safe accommodation, Cresta also offers comfortable and affordable transportation services consisting of a college bus and a college cab for students in and around Mysore.
Although the prices for transportation services are dependent on distance, they remain affordable.
To avail this service, students must contact the counsellor at the time of admission.
Our transport services are available for every student of Cresta across Mysore.

Smart Campus

Cresta has a creative and ultramodern campus infused with technology. Each classroom is equipped with a smartboard that enables our faculty members to use novel methods of teaching. Everyday, students learn lessons through sessions and classes that incorporate technology. The smart classrooms have bright-colored walls that display positive quotes and long casement windows that allow plenty of sunlight and fresh air.
The Cresta campus has been designed to promote the exploration and exchange of ideas by providing numerous safe spaces for learning. The contemporary seating arrangement includes chairs and desks with writing pads and can be modified to suit the learning needs and methodology used in each class.
The cafeteria is covered with graffiti-style artwork and houses loose furniture for exciting impromptu discussions over coffee. The cafeteria serves four meals a day along with mouth-watering snacks with aroma that wafts across the area.
The large terrace acts as a space for socialization and offers a pleasing view of the green Chamundi Hills and the urban landscape sprawling under it.
Apart from the terrace and the cafeteria, the campus has several spaces that can be converted to suit various occasions. Students can often be seen engrossed in their books, debates or jamming sessions in the cafeteria or hosting open mic nights on the terrace. Community events, presentations, workshops and certification programs are held in the seminar hall.

Sports Facilities

The Cresta sports ground is a well-set concrete platform that serves as a base for multiple types of sports including football, cricket, basketball, hockey and others. You can also engage in fitness training and athletics Open to students 24×7, it is lit by a series of floodlights after sunset, which makes playing late into the evening an absolute delight. The ground is fenced and surrounded by high sports netting that allows uninterrupted games and match practices.

A Home Away From Home

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