Through internships students experience a workplace environment and step into the world knowing what to expect. Grasping the knowhow of the industry, you also gain clarity about the skills you need to develop to excel in the professional world. Internships give you the crucial opportunity to explore different types of work and find the job roles and environments that bring out the best in you. In addition to this, you gain the ability to adapt, all the while building a strong resume. Internships help you secure productive employment, with outstanding performance inviting a pre-placement offer from the same organization.


At Cresta, semester-long internships are integrated into the curriculum. We partner with reputed providers of work experiences to provide you with three choices of valuable internships every semester. Our undergraduate students experience both virtual and offline internships. Dedicating two hours every week on your virtual internship, you enhance your technical knowledge and professional aptitude from remote locations. You learn during the college hours, graduating with a minimum of six internships on your resume.

We provide regular internships during the semester breaks. Within the duration of two weeks after the odd semester (1st, 3rd and 5th) and within the duration of two months after the even semester (2nd, 4th and 6th), you attend full-time, in-person internships in the city.

What are the types of internships the Cresta College provides?

Internships at Cresta are specially curated to help you explore and experience different types of work such as operations, sales, marketing, research, finance, design and business development. Crestites intern at a wide range of organizations including multinational companies, startups, local businesses, mid-size corporates, family businesses and more.

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Internships For Skilling

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