Inspiration Yatras

Every year, Cresta organizes domestic and international trips in order to help students understand the human experience in different regions of the country and the world. During our well-planned trips to destinations that inspire, you meet accomplished personalities and visit industries, headquartered offices and market places. Gaining both rural and international perspectives of business and life, you reconnect with nature through treks, hikes and dives. Through itineraries designed for regional immersion, you experience natural vistas, languages, cuisines, art, architecture, music and cultures that make you a well-traveled and refined individual.

Here are some of the location visits by Crestities:

Student Experience

The inspiration yatras are part of the rich journey of learning that you experience at Cresta. During their trips, Crestites have learnt about the lives of people in places far away from home. Interacting with families and farmers subsisting on agriculture and owners of elite businesses growing their venture, our students have gained insight into various lifestyles and philosophies. They have visited places of historical, religious and cultural significance to appreciate their contribution to society and culture. They have taken arduous trails to mountain tops that awaited to show them natural panoramas, urban skylines or a pleasant mix of both. Business places such as the headquarters of LinkedIn and universities in Singapore have taught them about advances in technology such as artificial intelligence and robotics. They have also visited the manufacturing outlets of geographically indicated products to realize how native resources can present global opportunities. Engaging in recreational activities after the doses of practical exposure, they have formed long lasting friendships with their classmates and teachers alike.

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