Industry Focus

We believe that learning should be practical and impactful. Guided by industry leaders and an industry board of advisors, we ensure that everything we teach is aligned to the current and future trends in the industry.

Imparting an education that is as practical as it is theoretical, we equip students with skills that fulfill the emerging needs of the industry. Every year, we design our curriculum such that the ground realities of the industry are integrated into the learning experience.

Our various initiatives connect academic concepts to their practical applications. They provide you with the exposure and inspiration to proactively execute projects and solve problems. Through our initiatives, you acquire the knowledge, skills and exposure needed to become full-fledged professionals. You also gain lasting insight and ability that continues to enrich your career long after graduation.

Consisting of a wide variety of activities and programs, the Industry Focus pillar of the Cresta Foundation puts education into practice. Each component of Industry focus is geared toward molding you into a competent and resourceful professional. With broad exposure, we enrich your understanding of the world, strengthening the impact of your education.

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Learning Beyond Books

Student Excellence at Cresta comprises the following area