Industry Certification Courses

Education must be supplemented with industry certifications to broaden exposure and the impact of the core syllabus. We enhance skill, career-orientation and exposure through a wide variety of certified courses ranging from digital marketing to theatre. You learn three courses a year, with the longer semesters of each year engaging you in two courses and the shorter semesters in one.

Certification courses not only boost your resume but also domain knowledge and confidence. Every year, the industry certification courses are picked with the guidance of our industry board of advisors to reflect the knowledge and skill demand of the industry. The courses are also delivered by subject matter experts and recognized institutions from cities across the country such as Kolkata and Chennai.

Through these courses you develop interdisciplinary knowledge that improves your understanding of subjects in the syllabus and the world in general. The host of skills, such as debate and logic, that you acquire also help you go a long way in your professional and personal life.


Each of the 9 industry certification courses that you study in a course of your degree program are between twenty to thirty hours in duration. An attendance of 85% is mandated for certification along with eligibility secured in the course assessment. Studying during the college hours, you learn the content of the certification courses mainly through their practical, activity-based components. On qualifying in the assessments, you are provided with a certification from Cresta as well as the recognized provider of your course.


The industry certification courses we provide can be categorized as follows:
  • Skill enhancement to equip you for professional development 
  • Ability enhancement that contributes to life-long individual growth 
  • Knowledge enhancement to enhance expertise and general awareness 

The domains covered by the industry certification courses include communication, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, commerce, arts and performances, technology and personal development. 

Past Records

We have partnered with reputed providers of industry certifications for virtual and on-campus training. Our partners include:
  • Warhorse, Chennai
  • Prohedge Academy, Mumbai
  • WordsMaya, Kolkalta
  • FutureED India , Bangalore