Industrial Visits

Industrial visits and business tours are the best live demonstrations of all the concepts students learn throughout the program. We organize industrial visits in and around the Mysuru region to acquaint undergraduate students with daily business operations and the administrative systems in an organization. During these visits, you gain appreciation for the subjects you are taught in the syllabus. This sparks your interest to contemplate and solve problems.

How Often Do Crestites Have Industrial Visits?

Students of all courses have one or two industry visits every semester. You consolidate the learnings of these one-day trips through industry visit report assignments which contribute toward your final grading.

Types of Industrial Visits You Make From Cresta

Industrial visits from Cresta are of two types. Every semester you visit a business place either from the manufacturing sector or the service sector. Guided by your teacher, you observe automated processes in manufacturing businesses, systems that preserve standards in service businesses, and much more. You also interact with working professionals and manager s in aspects specific to your course and quench your thirst for real-world knowledge.

Knowing How The Real World Works

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Past Records

Visits to manufacturing units and plants of successful firms help you understand the synergy of technology, procedural systems and managerial decisions. Familiarizing yourself with industry practices, you also gain insight into the calibration of daily operations to market demands.

During your visits to companies belonging to the service sector, you will interact with CEOs and directors to understand how quality and customer satisfaction are ensured when the goods being sold are intangible.

Here are some of the industrial visits Crestites have made in the past.

Shipyard, Goa

Observing the construction of vessels for the Indian Navy, students witnessed the manufacturing excellence and organizational efficiency of the shipbuilding company.

BEML, Mysore

Visiting a prominent supplier of heavy equipment, students learnt about the engineering complexity in manufacturing trailers and engines of massive capacities.

IIM Bangalore

This campus tour inspired students to aim for postgraduate education in premier institutes of management in the country.

Triveni Gears Industry, Mysore

Students saw the wheels and cogs turn at a well-known manufacturing site of high-speed gear boxes and generators used for industry and energy applications.

Featherlite, Bangalore

The logistics, procurement and manufacturing process of modular workstations and seating solutions were explained to Crestites during this visit.

TVS, Nanjangud

Students witnessed the manufacture and assembly of the motor vehicles that they use everyday.

Nestle, Nanjangud

During this visit, students toured the processing plant of the world’s largest food and beverage company.

Eicher Motors, Mysore

At the training center of this manufacturer, students learnt how employees are equipped to work in the automotive industry.

District Biodiesel Lab, Bangalore

Funded by the government, this lab-cum-plant was a concretized display of research efforts into producing sustainable sources of energy.

Science Park VSOE, Sargur

Students gained an idea of the excitement and importance of research at this exploratory science lab located at a school driven by the ideology of equity and holistic education.

IKP, Bangalore

An incubator where students learnt about the promotion of companies in the thriving sectors of biotechnology, pharma, medical devices and energy.

Sprout Box, Mysore

Through their interactions with the community of enterprises and entrepreneurs housed in this co-working space, students gained insight into a variety of businesses and the commonalities among them.

Padukone-Dravid Academy, Bangalore

Visiting the centre for sports excellence, students learnt about the importance and scope of sports from the perspectives of health, international competition and business.

Startup Hub, Mysore

Buzzing with the energy of ambitious entrepreneurs, this incubator taught students the process of starting and running a business.

The Featherlite Furniture Factory

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