Events form an important part of any Crestite’s life. It gives students a chance to experience management at a large scale, understand the intricacies of team dynamics, as well as give them an opportunity to explore new concepts and try new ideas.

Celebrity Fest – Crestival

Crestival is a unique one-day fest that is organised to entertain the audiences with famous artists, and also acts as a launchpad for budding artists across Mysore & Karnataka. In the past, it has featured stars like Vineet Vincent, Akshay Dhawan, Awez Darbar, Akasa Singh and Darshan Raval, amongst others. Crestival also gives the same stage space to rising stars and launches them with a bang! Crestival not only makes life fun for the students but is also an amazing opportunity at an in-depth learning experience for students in organizing & managing events on a very large scale. Veterans from the early days of Crestival have gone on to open their own (very successful) event management companies now!

Survival Fest – Escapade

A fest like no other! Escapade is a survival fest built around multiple tasks that rely on a combination of physical & mental prowess. The fest includes rounds that test a teams physical strength, logical thinking capabilities, agility, as well as the ability to think under stress. Teams participating in Escapade are given limited resources and 36 hours of marathon rounds. Participants need to conserve their resources while gaining points to be able to acquire more resources in order to perform better. Some of the numerous takeaways from Escapade include learning to manage a team under high pressure, learning to lead and perform in a cross-functional team, building endurance to stressful situations, and of course, bragging rights of winning in the only event of its kind!

The Open Mic

The Cresta Open Mic is a quarterly event that provides a stress-free platform for budding artists and creators to showcase their abilities. It is an evening event in which Crestites as well as non-Crestites perform to an audience of students, parents, and invited guests. This event has served as a launchpad for several local artists, by providing a safe space for them to try new things and get valuable feedback from the audience. Performances range from singing & dancing to poetry & comedy. The vibe is usually festive and filled with positivity through an intimate setting, and all Crestites are actively encouraged to participate in them.  

Cultural Fest – UGLY

U Gotta Love Yourself is a large yearly cultural fest that is an exhibition of culture through fashion, dance, music and arts. It culminates to the grand yearly Fashion Show, a spectacle of dazzle and lights that are sure to leave a lasting impression in the entire audience’s minds. This is a fest that helps students explore their inclinations to various art forms, while also helping them understand how to organize and manage an event of this type and scale. The name is so chosen to reflect one of Cresta’s core beliefs – that the journey of education is a journey of the self, not of impressing others, which has become particularly relevant in today’s hyperconnected world.

Management Fest – Zenith

The Cresta Management Fest is an elaborate event spanning across subjects like Management, Finance, HR, Marketing etc. Students who organize this event get a chance to understand how multi-day events of a large scale are planned, network with influential market leaders who become judges for events, and get in touch with like-minded students across the state. Participants are involved in rigorous rounds that test every aspect of a student’s personality and knowledge through case-studies, real-life scenarios, multiple events and presentations. Dozens of colleges across the city and state typically participate in this fest, creating a forum where participants are hard-pressed to win their accolades. Those who do participate end up growing their skill and knowledge exponentially in a short span of time.

Tech Fest – Dig Up

Dig Up is Cresta’s annual hackathon+tech fest, an event organized by the BCA department. It provides a platform for students to learn and apply industry-relevant skills through multiple events in a span of 2 days. This event also teaches valuable management skills to the BCA students who organize this. Dig Up has participants from various BCA as well as engineering colleges, and is the perfect space for students to get exposed to new tools & technologies as well as network with industry experts from various domains.

Charity Event – Crestall

Crestall is an annual fair organized by Crestites in one of the institutes for underprivileged children in Mysore. Students collect donations in the form of clothes, toys, utility items etc. and then create a mock fair for these underprivileged children by giving them tokens that the children can then use to buy items they like. Crestites – as well as the underprivileged students – put up performances for each other to add to the joyous atmosphere of this event. This day also included dedicated time slots and spaces for the 2 groups to freely interact with each other and exchange thoughts and perspectives. This event is one of the many ways Cresta fosters a sense of community, and moral & social responsibility in its students.

School Fest – Space Out

Space-Out is a cultural event organized by Crestites in PUC for students from High School. This event includes Debates, Presentations, Extempores and Management events that give PU students their first opportunity to learn management skills right from the get-go, and provides a platform for these students to connect with and guide their juniors from various institutes throughout Mysore.

Sports Fest – Muqabla

Muqabla is an annual platform for colleges and their athletes to showcase their talent in a series of tournaments for different sports. This event serves 2 purposes – allow students to channelise their passion and interest in different sports into an intense tournament of different games like football, cricket, karate amongst others, and also give budding sports managers vital exposure to the world of management where they can learn to constantly provide the right experience to every stakeholder involved in this event.

Farewell Event – Step Up

Step-Up is the grand celebration of Crestites graduating from PUC as well as UG. It celebrates the end of an epic journey and brings together the entire Cresta community for one last grand celebration.

Cultural Celebrations

Every festival is celebrated with the right amount of pomp and due consideration at Cresta, with a balanced teaching of its meaning and symbolism as well. This helps students get exposed to diverse cultures which in turn helps them grow as mature and open-minded individuals.