Final Year Pathway

One of the few institutes to recognize the diverse needs of graduating students, Cresta empowers you with path-specific training in the final year. Whether you dream of higher education, entrepreneurship, family business management or career – we provide a bridge to the next phase of your life. Our faculty members customize a training program that addresses your areas of improvement and provides you with resources that are indispensable for your path of choice. Providing ample support and guidance to help you decide your path, we facilitate a seamless transition from studenthood to the person you aspire to become.

Cresta can help begin your journey on the following paths to success

Family Business Training

If you are part of a family business, we groom and equip you to effectively manage it with an essential course for business control. Learning the actionable elements of finance, human resources and marketing, you understand how your family business can be driven to generate more revenue and gain better repute. You obtain the wisdom of running ancestral business through training provided by owners of family businesses. You not only understand the art of successful family resource management but also extend your business network.

Entrepreneurship Training

During your undergraduate program, we provide a space for you to experiment with your business ideas through our campus venture facility. If you choose to continue your venture or start a business after graduating, we help you register your business and comply with government norms and regulations. Consisting of founders, top management professionals and industry experts, our faculty team helps you prepare a sound business model. We also help your entrepreneurial venture with business connections and wisdom.


In addition to industry-focus activities, our placement training ensures students are job-ready We help you research employment opportunities with job descriptions that suit your strengths. Providing information about job listings and prospective employers, we prepare you to face difficult questions during the interview. Our faculty members sit with you to help you prepare through mock interviews. We also give you valuable tips for salary negotiation.

Higher Education Counselling

We ensure you continue to get quality education after graduation with postgraduate career counseling sessions that help you select a course and the university that provides the best instruction for it. In addition to gathering information on possible career pathways and PG courses, we also conduct master classes and crash courses for the relevant competitive examinations. Our faculty members also aid you in presenting the best of your learning journey in your college application and the statement of purpose.