Through the contests, challenges and championships CRESTA organizes, students awaken the competitive spirit and put to test their skills, abilities and knowledge in controlled environments. Gaining access to a wide network of students across disciplines and regions promotes peer-to-peer learning. In addition to exchanging ideas and culture, you will feel the synergy of racing against the clock with like-minded peers to meet a goal. Helping you understand your strengths and areas of improvement, these battles of intellect and charisma are a source of healthy competition and recognition. You will not only have the most memorable experiences, but also learn to confidently address crowds, think on your feet and solve problems on the spot. 


Fests and competitions are the launchpad for your hidden and budding talents. While participating in these events helps you develop your performance skills, organizing them gives you a pragmatic view of management. Fest and Competitions teach you how to present yourself and handle the pressure of doing so. Improving your socialization and networking skills, you explore and undertake new projects – personal and professional. In addition to this, performing or presenting to a large audience in the presence of esteemed judges at the fests and competition gives you recognition and appreciation from the college community and beyond. 

Below are the fests and events that Crestites so far have organized, participated, enjoyed and learnt from.


Forte is a two-day management fest for PUC students organized by UG students. It introduces the world of business through a host of rounds and challenges for areas including marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource and more. Also involving a game of treasure hunt and cultural celebrations during the awarding ceremony, Forte tests the calibre of PUC students in enterprising functions through time-bound tasks and presentations. Both the PU and UG students gain insight into management through practical means.


Space-Out is a cultural event organized by Crestites in PUC for students from high school. This event includes debates, presentations, extempore and management tasks that give PU students their first opportunity to learn management skills right from the get-go, and provides a platform for these students to connect with and guide their juniors from various schools across Mysore.





Dig Up is CRESTA’s annual hackathon and tech fest. Organized by the BCA department, it provides a platform for students to learn and apply industry-relevant skills through multiple events in a span of 2 days. This event also teaches valuable management skills to the BCA students who organize it. Dig Up also has participants from engineering colleges, and is the perfect space for students to gain exposure to new tools & technologies and network with industry experts from various domains. It also promotes computer literacy and knowledge in students from other disciplines. 


The CRESTA Management Fest is an elaborate event spanning various domains such as Management, Finance, HR, Marketing and others. Students who organize this event get the chance to understand how multi-day events of a large scale are planned. They network with influential market leaders who appear as judges for the events, along with like-minded students across the state. Participants are involved in rigorous rounds that test every aspect of their personality and the expanse of the knowledge they possess through case-studies, real-life scenarios, elevator pitches, investment negotiations, corporate roleplays, creative campaign contests, presentations and more. Dozens of colleges across the city and state participate in the fest, creating a forum where participants are hard-pressed to win their accolades. All those who participate grow their skill and knowledge exponentially in a short span of time.



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