In addition to all the other activities that support a Crestite’s progression to a full-fledged individual capable of taking on leadership roles by the time they graduate, Cresta also hosts special training programs that train students in specific aspects that are ignored by traditional pedagogy but are required by the industry. In addition, they also offer a chance to Crestites to learn more about alternate career paths that have an edge over the traditional choices.

Additional 1-day workshops are also held in association with leading industry experts and organizations that teach students about a specific skill that is not necessarily part of their curricula, but provide key industry knowledge and skills that augment their profiles when the student graduates. 

Some of the trainings hosted by Cresta and conducted by leading organizations in their respective fields are

EDIN HR Synergy – A 10 day training programme where Crestites interacted with HR managers of various companies about the role, impact, and importance of Human Resource Management and the corresponding best practices in the industry.

Glammania Model Training – Participants were taught how to correctly perform ramp walks, photoshoots, the right methods of self-grooming, and tips for the right type of personal care. They were given real-time assignments with different organizations to execute what they learnt through the program.

Entrepreneurship Development By Wadhwani Foundation – Students were taught the process of establishing and running entrepreneurship-cells, various entrepreneurial activities that happen through the year, current startup clubs and how they run, the process of starting a new startup, etc.

Prasad Bidappa Institute – Crestites were taught the essence and best practices of Corporate Self-Grooming and Corporate Etiquette. This was done through an intensive 3-day program culminating in a grand showcase event at the Prasad Bidapa Institute, Bangalore.

Jakkur Aerodrome – A 2-day workshop on the basics of aviation and flying was conducted for students at the Jakkur Aerodrome, Bangalore. Students got a chance to fly an actual aircraft themselves after a rigorous training session conducted specially for students from Cresta.