Internships form a core part of the Experiential Learning pedagogy of Cresta. Students typically take up 2-month internships at the end of each academic year, but they can take up additional internships in the short semester break as well. Cresta supports students in finding the right organization and guiding them throughout the internship period. The internships help students explore different areas of business, commerce, management & tech, and helps develop in them an added appreciation of the subjects they learn in college. 

Most Crestites choose to intern right after the first year, which helps them finish at least 3 internships by the time they graduate. 

Moreover, ancillary skills like corporate etiquette, communication, team dynamics, project management etc. are also imparted at an early age that helps them shape their career right from the start.

This especially becomes a key differentiating factor for those who wish to work after graduating, and also to an extent for those students who want to pursue higher studies immediately after graduating as well by helping them find the right industry they want to join later.