The Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Intensive course is a professional 3 year course at par with a B.E degree. It imparts knowledge of different computer applications and how to solve and address the problems which arise from a computer and its applications

A relatively new course, BCA is a streamlined and shortened alternative to a traditional B.Tech / B.E degree.

BCA helps you build a strong base for a career related to Computer Applications and Programming languages. The course includes subjects such as Database Management, C++, HTML, and JAVA, etc. The course also covers applied mathematics, digital science and computational analyses.

BCA also forms a very powerful combination with an MBA for those who want to get into management positions in leading tech companies or want to start their own tech venture.


  • The BCA degree provides an in-depth study of various computer languages as well as its various applications. The BCA degree is equivalent to a B.Tech degree. B.Tech students typically focus more on computers and hardware whereas BCA is more focused towards the theories and programming languages used in IT and Digital Science.
  • The BCA course at Cresta teaches students how to apply knowledge of Mathematics and Science in solving computational problems. In conjunction with a deep knowledge of computer languages, BCA students can apply their skills and knowledge to any aspect of computer science & information technology
  • The BCA course provides a solid base to pursue research in the field of computer applications through an advanced MCA course. Those interested can also take further continue to do Ph.D on a related topic as well.


Upon graduating, a student holding a BCA degree from Cresta will be able to –

  • Logically analyze a given problem and design a corresponding solution
  • Develop advanced skills based upon a strong foundation of knowledge of mainstream programming languages
  • Design, develop, and verify software systems to meet desired needs within realistic constraints, ensuring quality, reliability, security, and while satisfying economic, ethical, social and environmental constraints.
  • Understand the global IT environment, communicate effectively in diverse groups, and exhibit leadership qualities


Core subjects12
Experiential learning8
Skill Enhancement Courses4
Discipline Specific Electives6


The BCA degree can be opted by Commerce students who have studied CS, or students form any Science combination. The BCA course mainly attracts the following types of students –

  • Students interested in programming and computer languages
  • Students who are comfortable studying & working in a tech environment
  • Students interested in pursuing higher education through either an MCA or an MBA, or similar courses


Core Subjects

Computer Concepts and C Programming 

Digital Electronics and Computer Organization 

Discrete Transformations 

Data structures and File Processing 

System software and Operating Systems 

Fundamentals of Information Technology 

Object-Oriented Programming with Java 

Operation research 


Database Management Systems 

Numerical and Statistical Analysis 

Data Communication and Computer Networks

Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)

DTP (Page Maker and CorelDraw) 

Cyber Security 

Introduction to Latex 

Android Programming 

Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)

Computer Graphics and animation 

Software Engineering 

.NET Programming 

Software Testing 

Web Technology 

Digital Image Processing 

Network Security 

Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics