Course Overview

BCA in Internet of Things (IOT) is a specialized three-year program at the undergrad level. BCA in IOT prepares students for a career in research as well as the industry. Combining elements of hardware and software subjects, BCA in IoT takes students into the depths of creating and designing smart devices that are used by both consumers as well as industries. It helps students study the interface between the physical world of hardware products and the digital world of computation and automation. The program also covers various programming languages, applied mathematics, cryptography and other related subjects in addition to papers pertaining to IOT.

Unlike regular courses, BCA in Internet of Thins (IoT) offers a deeper study of the subject matter. Every paper in the program is directly or indirectly related to the specialization i.e Internet of Things. This course has been specially designed by Cresta with inputs from our Industry partners, relevant Academicians, and our Industry Board of Advisors. This program is exclusively taught at Cresta, while being certified by the University of Mysore, making Cresta one of the first institutes in the country to provide this course.


  • BCA in IOT helps students develop knowledge of fundamental concepts, design strategies, technical architecture, infrastructure requirements, services, deployment models, tools and techniques through a syllabus designed with inputs from industry leaders
  • This program is extensive enough to enable students to directly start working in the industry after graduating in most companies of their choice
  • Many of the papers are taught by expert visiting faculty who are leaders in their fields and work in reputed companies


Upon graduating, a student holding a BCA in IOT degree will be able to –

  • Develop expertise in designing IoT systems through an in-depth knowledge of IOT infrastructure, Shell Programming, and Python language
  • Build upon fundamental knowledge about Data Science, Neural Networks, Cryptography and Cyber Security and other ancillary subjects
  • Develop programs based on Python, JAVA, and C++
  • Create web and mobile apps that interface with smart devices and sensors
  • Create products based on processors like Arduino
  • Acquire knowledge of fundamental concepts, design strategies, technical architecture, infrastructure requirements, services, deployment model, tools and techniques required in IoT through syllabus designed in alignment with latest trends

Academic Overview

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course12
Discipline Specific Core26
Skill Enhancement Course4


The BCA in IoT degree can be opted by Commerce students who have studied CS, or students form any Science combination. The BCA in IoT program mainly attracts the following types of students –

  • Students who enjoy learning more about sensors and networked products, understanding smart devices, building hardware products, etc.
  • Students who like learning various programming languages and developing applications

List Of Papers

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses



Environmental Studies


Constitution of India

Physical Education

Business Communication-I

Disaster Management

Business Communication-II

Discipline Specific Courses

Computer Concepts and C Programming(Arduino)

Digital electronics for IoT Fundamentals

Discrete Transformations

Data structures and File Processing Using C++

Data Communication and Computer Networks()

System software and Operating Systems

Object Oriented Programming with Java

Unix and shell Programming

Microprocessor and Assembly Language

Database Management Systems

Numerical and Statistical Analysis

Programming the Web-I

Principles of TCP/IP

Advanced IoT with Python

IoT System Design(Eclipse IoT)

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Programming the web-II

Sensor Technology


Neural Networks

Skill Enhancement Courses

Cyber Security

Digital image processing

Web Development Tools

Android Programming

Audit Courses

Stock Market
Digital Marketing
Image Management
Debate & Logic