Course Overview

The BBA in Communication and Media Management is a multi-faceted programme that provides you with theoretical and practical competencies to successfully operate as an all-rounder in the local and international context. To this end of the programme, you will acquire basic knowledge in the areas of media, communication, and management. 

BBA in Communication & Media Management develops appropriate skills such as storyboarding, communication, media writing, research, content development, etc., for students whose job will be to create communication concepts related to Media and Mass Communication. The program teaches students to apply the theoretical concepts they learn in their classes in a competent manner to generate concepts, analyze media and communication performance, and ethically manage teams in the Media industry. In addition to this, the program teaches students the fundamentals of marketing, economics, and management.

Unlike regular courses, BBA in Communication and Media Management offers a deeper study of the subject matter. Every paper in the program is directly or indirectly related to the specialization i.e Modelling and Fashion Management. This course has been specially designed by Cresta with inputs from our Industry partners, relevant Academicians, and our Industry Board of Advisors. This program is exclusively taught at Cresta, while being certified by the University of Mysore, making Cresta one of the first institutes in the country to provide this course.


  • The BBA in Media and Communication Management program at Cresta helps students develop their knowledge of Advertising, Media, Content, Marketing, Storyboarding, Economics, Accounts, Financial Analysis and other subjects. This will enable students to directly join managerial positions of various Media, Marketing and Content organizations.
  • This program is extensive enough to enable students to directly start working in the industry after graduating in most companies of their choice
  • Many of the papers are taught by expert visiting faculty who are leaders in their fields and work in reputed companies


Upon graduating, a student holding a BBA in Communication and Media Management degree will be able to –

  • Develop expertise in reaching relevant target audiences with creative messages
  • Master industry-specific syndicated research databases and software
  • Build the business development and negotiation skills on behalf of advertising clients to achieve strategic results
  • Create strategies for Integrated Marketing, Media Planning and Buying, PR Management, Content Development, and perform associated activities
  • Possess knowledge of Emerging Media, Media Trends & Media Tech

Academic Overview

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course12
Discipline Specific Core26


The BBA in Communication and Media Management degree, while being generally accessible to everyone, mainly attracts the following types of students –

    • Students who want to explore and understand the source of modern culture, information and entertainment.
    • Students interested in content, writing, journalism, media, PR and related fields.
    • Students interested in marketing and advertising

List Of Papers

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses



Environmental Studies


Constitution of India

Physical Education

Business Communication-I

Disaster Management

Business Communication-II

Discipline Specific Courses (DSC)

Introduction of Media Management

Fundamentals of Communication

Financial Statement Analysis

Advanced Communication

Marketing Management

Media Planning

Communication Design Thinking


Digital Marketing

Organizational Behaviour

Public Relation Management

Advertising Management

Analytical Tools and Techniques

Management Accounting

Entrepreneurship Development

Media Research

Media Law and Ethics

Retail Marketing

Graphic Designing

Consumer Behaviour

Computer skills for managers

Project 1

International Business

Negotiation Management

Integrated Marketing

Media Content Development


Project 2

Audit Courses

Stock Market
Digital Marketing
Image Management
Debate & Logic