Course Overview

The Bachelors in Commerce in Financial Markets program is a three-year graduate level course focused on imparting education and training required by students to build a career in financial markets.

The program is designed considering changing needs and the future requirements of the financial industry to equip students with contemporary skills and knowledge required to capitalize on forthcoming opportunities in the financial market. The objective of the BCom in Financial Markets course is to transform students into competent professionals capable of occupying positions of responsibility in stock exchanges, commodity exchanges, regulatory bodies, market intermediaries, banks, mutual funds, asset management companies and other similar entities.

Unlike regular courses, B.Com in Financial Markets offers a deeper study of the subject matter. Every paper in the program is directly or indirectly related to the specialization i.e Financial Markets. This course has been specially designed by Cresta with inputs from our Industry partners, relevant Academicians, and our Industry Board of Advisors. This program is exclusively taught at Cresta, while being certified by the University of Mysore, making Cresta one of the first institutes in the country to provide this course.


  • Students are taught through theory classes that are coupled with practical application sessions. Students will be taught to use various software and platforms that are used in the Financial Industry. Students will learn to manage funds through mock portfolios, and will understand the nuances of Financial Markets through various multimedia and interactive sessions
  • This program is extensive enough to enable students to directly start working in the industry after graduating in most companies of their choice
  • Many of the papers are taught by expert visiting faculty who are leaders in their fields and work in reputed companies. Students will interact with professionals in various finance and fintech firms, investment houses, brokerages, portfolio management firms, and practicing traders and investors.


Upon graduating, a student holding a BCom in Financial Markets degree will be able to –

  • Perform fundamental and technical analyses in various Capital Markets to drive strategic recommendations for investments
  • Apply knowledge of Accounting, Statistics, Finance and Corporate Law to help finance-related organizations at the Managerial level
  • Develop a strong conceptual framework based on knowledge and analysis skills that will help them in active trading and building a profitable portfolio

Academic Overview

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course12
Discipline Specific Core31


The BCom in Financial Markets course, while being accessible to students who have chosen Science, Commerce and Arts streams in their 12th, mainly attracts the following types of students –

  • People who are inclined towards financial analysis, accounts, statistics, economics
  • People who enjoy working with numbers, performing technical analyses, trading in the Markets, reading charts etc.
  • People who like researching company performance, reading balance sheets, staying abreast of current events etc.

List Of Papers

Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses

Environmental Studies
Physical Education
Constitution of India
Disaster Management

Discipline Specific Courses

Introduction to Financial Markets Micro Economics
Business Management Financial Accounting
Business Research Methods Macro Economics
Taxation for Financial Markets Corporate Governance & Ethics Statistics-I
Technical Analysis-I Fundamental Analysis-I Trading Psychology
Technical Analysis-II
Fundamental Analysis-II
Behavioural Investment Strategy
Excel and Financial Modelling
Investment Banking
Risk Management
Computerized Accounting Systems Portfolio Management
Indian Financial Systems
Entrepreneurship Development Securities Laws
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection Financial Journalism
Structure of Investment Industry Project-II

Audit Courses

Stock Market
Digital Marketing
Image Management
Debate & Logic