What are Campus Ventures?

Cresta encourages students to start business ventures of their own during their undergraduate journey. We provide you with the support, resources and connections to start and run a small business in and around the campus. Previously, we have nurtured businesses ranging from an ice cream shop in the campus to a home servicing business for the entire locality.

Campus ventures concretize classroom learning, providing a space for you to understand the dynamics of business first-hand. An excellent opportunity to learn, running a campus venture equips you to actively overcome unseen challenges. Providing mentorship, business connections and a platform, we help you gain powerful business insights with minimal investment.

These ventures are small-scale entrepreneurial experiments for you to explore and build your business competencies from the Cresta campus space. You will learn the art of business using resources readily available, while catering to the needs of the student and local communities. Initiatives taken by bold and enterprising students, campus ventures also show the potential of blooming into successful businesses outside Cresta, once their founders have graduated.

Current and Past Campus Ventures

T-ShirtWaale, now a brand available on Amazon, began as a campus venture at Cresta. Mohammed Imran began the customized T-shirt-making venture by selling to his friends and printing memes about quirky situations in the classrooms. Learning marketing from the management, he reached out to schools and colleges, making impressive presentations. He now has a full-fledged company that also delivers uniforms to schools and corporate clients.
Mohammed Imran, BBA
Sweet Bricks deals with homemade dark and white chocolates, specialising in servicing all types of orders for events and occasions. Sweet Bricks serves chocolates of high quality that encourages the consumption of homemade chocolates over company manufactured chocolates.
Harish Jain, B.Com
The Ice Shop is an affordable, natural, & homemade ice cream parlour that provides flavours that satiates every craving.
Jheel G Bhandari, BBA
Casabox assists in discovering rentals, leases and owning a house along with services like Packers and Movers, House Repairs and Renovation. Casabox also has an online shopping website that delivers all the essentials required to turn a house into a home.
Syed Mohammed Hussaini, B.Com
The Divine Events & The Eventalist’s is an event management firm that specializes in small-mid level events of all kinds across Mysore.
Akash Urs, B.Com

Launching Your Startup From Cresta

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