Education in Cresta: Contemporary and Competitive

Humans are rational beings. Their ability to speak and think is much higher than any other creature which makes them unique. Humans also have the aspiration to progress and achieve in each and every stage of their lives. Education is the path which facilitates his/ her achievements. Education is mainly responsible for one’s intelligence, workmanship, all round development and progress. It won’t be an exaggeration to say a man is just marginally better than an animal without a proper and formal education. True education is the development of the mind and is essential for a productive and satisfying life which will spread joy and happiness. Education is a process that goes on throughout one’s life and it is accumulated more by the life long experiences. Education also paves way to develop skills like fine motor skills which may include drawing skill, constructional skill and observational skill. It facilitates analytical skill thereby helping the students and seekers of such education in crisis management and problem solving abilities which may foster leadership abilities in them in future.

Education will help to cultivate moral, spiritual, social and humane values among the students which in turn develops the wholesome personality.

This process of education has kept changing throughout the ages. And change is the only thing which never changes. Change happens so that we can evolve a little more. If we evolve, we can survive. If we look into history, we know how education has evolved and changed over time.

From ashram education to artificial intelligence education is changing and evolving day by day due to the necessities and technological innovations happening so fast. With the changing time, the syllabus, curriculum and the teaching methodology has also changed significantly. The changing face of education also prompted the stakeholders namely the teachers and management of teaching institutions to adapt to this changing need and be relevant and contemporary without being redundant.

As a consequence, students nowadays are no way pressurised to learn the concepts which are not important, in fact it is stressed upon to what is important. The importance of technology in education is imperative today and one can learn anything and anywhere just with the help of a functioning network connection and a smart phone.

In this age of rapid technological advancements, it is essential for individuals to hone their skills and to be industry ready. Technological advancement is bringing in a drastic change the way individuals learn. It is of utmost importance for the education sector to be in tune with the demands and gain maximum leverage with technology driven teaching.

We at CRESTA aim at creating a conducive environment which is contemporary and technology driven. We at CRESTA give importance

  • To foster essential life skills, critical thinking, decision making skills and analytical competencies in it’s wards.
  • To facilitate a positive approach towards diversity, inclusion, compassion and a sense of responsibility in the students.
  • To create a fun and engaging learning process for all.

At CRESTA we always encourage students to be proactive and be interactive with their teachers rather than just being passive listeners. The overall scheme and structure of the curriculum is prepared in such a way so that one can have a holistic approach to their overall personality development which includes structured co-curricular activities, re-creational activities and participation in sports and other vocations. This holistic approach not only helps them to face the world in a competitive manner professionally but also fine tune their social skills.

We are sure that with this holistic approach along with the strong sense of commitment, passion and punctuality which forms the core values of CRESTA group and with which the management and teaching faculty deals with their students, the students will not only come out with flying colours academically and professionally but also will be successful and be socially productive and responsible citizens in whichever vocation they choose in future.