BCA (Honors)

A BCA (Honors) is a four-year degree that is open to students from all streams interested in learning the exciting and wide-ranging applications of computers. If you opt for BCA, you will become a modern-day problem solver, analyzing various types of problems and designing impactful computer-based solutions.  Along with multiple programming languages, the foundational knowledge of computer system, architecture and storage you master will equip you to thrive in the rapidly-changing tech industry. Learning the methodologies for software development used by tech companies, you will become eligible for a variety of roles in the computer applications industry. The course is supplemented by subjects that help you become an ethical, environmentally-conscious computer applications professional with a sense of civic and social responsibility. This degree will also motivate you to pursue higher studies in computer applications and perform research in advancing domains such as artificial intelligence, digital science, neural networks and IoT. 

Program Highlights

  • A streamlined alternative to traditional engineering courses that focuses on applications as opposed to theoretical considerations
  • Makes students immediately employable in a variety of IT industry roles
  • Exposure to the best practices and emerging trends in the IT industry 
  • Industry certification courses, internships, campus venture opportunity, expert interactions, student inspiration trips, special training workshops, guaranteed placements and personalized training for future pathways

Academic Overview

  • Discipline Specific Courses
  • Discipline Specific Electives 
  • Skill Enhancement Courses
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses
  • Vocational Courses
  • Languages 
  • Open Electives

Areas of Study

  • C++
  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Structures 
  • Database Management
  • Data Science
  • Digital Science
  • JAVA
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Microcontrollers


Learning Outcomes

  • Designing algorithms 
  • Ability to select and use existing and emerging tools for data analysis, prediction and modelling
  •  Supplementing your core skill set with electives such as web technology and computer graphics and animation
  • Fundamentals of computers and computer organisation 
  • Understand logic, computing principles and computer science theories 
  • Programming languages – the features and utility (pros, cons, suitability of each for various applications)
  • Hardware devices 
  • The software engineering process 
  • Basics of accountancy 
  • Mathematical structures and mathematical foundation 
  • Statistics and statistical programming 
  • Computational mathematics 
  • Operating system and object oriented programming concepts 
  • Network security 
  • Design of algorithms 
  • Efficient data storage at the fundamental level (digital electronics, data structures, file processing) 
  • Development and management of information processing systems and enterprise software 
  • Develop and manage system, application, mobile application and utility softwares 
  • Database and knowledge management 
  •  Effectively use word processors, spreadsheets, presentation, internet browsing, multimedia editing softwares
  • Know which tools to use for data analysis, prediction and modeling 
  • Analyze problems, design solutions 
  • Prepare flow of solutions, develop algorithms 
  • Write, compile and correct code 
  • Streamline and optimize technology  operations of a business 
  • Install, troubleshoot and optimize software 
  • Brainstorm and strategize software solutions in a team 
  • Work in a professional environment for software projects
  • Independently develop, test and maintain software 
  • Ensuring QC and QA of software
  • Ensure cybersecurity 
  • Transferable critical thinking, problem- solving, analytical and professional communication skills 
  • C++, Java, GUI, Python and R programming 
  • HTML, PHP, CSS and MySQL
  • Multimedia and animation, Database management and DOT NET  skills 

Career Options

As a BCA graduate, you become eligible for highly skilled IT roles across the country and abroad.

Job Sectors

  • Cyber Security
  • Education
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • App Development
  • Software Development
  • UX Design
  • IT Support
  • IT Consulting
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Science

Job Roles

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Systems Architect
  • Teacher
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • IT Support
  • Cloud Support
  • Analytics
  • Business Analysis

Sample Designations

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Programmer
  • Systems Engineer

Higher Education Options

  • Masters in Computer Applications 
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Masters in Science

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Admissions Open For AY 2022


To be eligible for the BCA Hons. program at Cresta, students must have completed their pre-university, grade 12 or an equivalent with at least 60% of the total score from a recognized board in India or abroad.

Student Profile

Although this program is accessible to students from all streams, you are best-suited for a BCA Hons - 

  • If you have studied computer science in pre-university/at school
  • If you see yourself comfortably working in the IT  sector 
  • If you are interested in programming languages 
  • If you have excellent logical, analytical and problem solving skill 

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