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Cresta is a community of dynamic and forward-looking individuals. It was created by and for people who are goal-oriented. Rooted in the national spirit with a strong global outlook, we bring together faculty members and students from diverse backgrounds. Cresta also houses professionals who bring to the table contagious passion for their areas of specialization. Each person associated with the institute – management, faculty, support, student, or parent – carries with them a passion for advancement and growth. With an openness to ideas and perspectives, our people make the best use of the resources at hand to create opportunities for themselves and the society at large.

Message From The CEO

India is a country full of avid youthful potential that is waiting to be tapped. With effective guidance, this potential can be molded to transform the country. The first step toward realizing it is to move away from education that merely produces a workforce toward an education that fulfills the needs of twenty-first-century learners. 

Cresta was created to redefine education as an entity that is separate from qualification. For us, education is a process that is as long as life itself, a necessity of life that is knowledge-driven, creative, task-oriented and above all empowering. 

Our objective is to provide a learning experience that empowers you, inspiring you to actively solve problems as opposed to passively following instructions. With this in mind, the curriculum, infrastructure and environment of the college have been carefully designed to enhance each aspect of learning. As a result, every year, the campus produces a host of Crestites who are ethical leaders, dynamic entrepreneurs, competent professionals, enthusiastic teachers, powerful speakers, and above all, responsible humans.

Sambhav Shah

Message From The Principal

Learning is a life-long process that need not, and indeed, does not happen only in designated spaces. At Cresta, we develop strong, open and discerning minds that learn from everywhere – inside and outside the classroom, during and long after the undergraduate program. This instils an empowering mindset of unending individual and professional growth in our students, preparing them to leave an indelible mark on society.

We adopt a process-oriented approach to teaching, wherein the lecturer provides you with ample scope to explore opportunities in the real world. You gain a close understanding of practical problems and learn just as much from this process as you would from conventional pedagogy, if not more. Cresta also encloses this freedom to learn in a framework to provide discipline and structure that immerse you in the learning process.


Our Industry Board of Advisors

A diverse set of industry advisors ensures that the Cresta curriculum reflects the latest developments in the industry. Our Industry Board of Advisors consists of industry leaders, founders and CEOs, accomplished professionals, artists and educational consultants. 

Collaborating with the Industry Board of Advisors, our management and faculty design industry-led curricula for our undergraduate and pre-university programs. Students also interact with the Board of Advisors through internships, learning sessions and industry interfaces. The expertise of the Board helps Cresta in designing a curriculum that guarantees professional success.  

Our Industry Board of Advisors comprises the following members. 

Kumar Manish​

State YuWaah Consultant (Gujarat), UNICEF India

Abhishek H Singh

Growth Director - India, TradingView

Prashant Shah

Founder, Definedge Solutions

Sumanth Prabhu

Founder, Definedge Solutions

Asgar Ahmed

Founder, educeSTART

Ashwin Dange

Business Head GRS Fantasy Park

Prof Chinmay Baxi

Faculty Member, Ganpat University

Sandesh B Suvarna

Founder & CEO, 4Five Labs Inc

Vibhuti Bhatt

Director, One Advertising

Aniruddha Padmanabh

Founder & CEO, Thought School

Geeta Shah

Ivy League Consultant

Prasad Bidappa

Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Photographer, Prasad Bidappa Associates

Harneet Singh Kharbanda

Financial Markets Trader, Author

Varun Gupta

Founder & Business Coach, Swavanam LLP

Faculty Who Feel Like Family

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Our Faculty Members

The faculty at Cresta is a diverse group of talented professionals experienced not only in teaching but also in their respective industries. Approachable faculty members form the central component of Cresta’s welcoming environment. Through free and open discussions, students not only learn about their subjects but also various aspects of profession and life. Mentoring students throughout their journey at Cresta. Our faculty lead by example – in subject matter expertise, professionalism, ethics and a thoughtful approach to every aspect of life. Using a constructivist approach to teaching, they impart vast and valuable knowledge and encourage you to actively partake in the journey of learning.


Our faculty team comprises the following educators and professors 

Amreen Saba

Amrutha A K

Anil M

Archana N

Ashika Appaiah

Chiranjeevi S

Darshan C J

Dr. Geetha C J

Gurulingu P

Jagruthi Bohra

Lakshmi H S

Mahavir N Jain

Mary Jennifer

Nanda Kishore

Nayana P

Noor Saniya

Pooja Joshi D

Rakshitha V

Ramya V J

Ravikumar C K

Rohini R


Salva Nishath Ghori

Sheela K


The Cresta Institute of Management, Science and Arts was established by the Shah Knowledge Foundation – an educational syndicate committed to promote academic and skill-based learning. The Foundation was established by seasoned entrepreneurs and education enthusiasts Shri Bipin Shah, Shri Hitesh Shah, Shri Mayur Shah and Shri Sambhav Shah. With the vision of building the best institute for learning in the country, the foundation is also a humble contribution to the society in which the family of entrepreneurs has flourished.

The Shah family began their entrepreneurial journey in 1947 with the Shah Cycle Mart, a modest store in the City Market of Mysuru. The family then ventured into two-wheeler vehicles through one of India’s first state-wide dealerships of Hero Honda, followed by that of Hero finance, Honda generators, Exide batteries, and Indian Oil. In 2008, they began Inspire Honda – a Honda car dealership initiated in Mysuru that has grown to have a presence in Hassan, Mandya, Coorg and other cities across Karnataka.

The Cresta School of Management, Science and Arts was established by the following promoters.

Bipin Shah

Chairman Emeritus,
Shah Knowledge Foundation

Hitesh Shah

Shah Knowledge Foundation

Sambhav Shah

Shah Knowledge Foundation


Shah Knowledge Foundation